Michael Tituana
Personal Trainer & Biomechanical Specialist

Coach Michael is a Certified Personal Trainer Specialist, Certified Biomechanical Specialist, and has a background in Engineering. With 3 years of professional fitness experience and over a decade of personal experience; Michael sees fitness as more than just physical performance- but as an avenue to enhance mental and emotional well being.

As a life-long sports enthusiast, Michael loved to play sports but always lacked the confidence and strength to compete at a high level. This changed when he started to workout in the gym and was able to achieve the goals he desired.

In 2019, Michael experienced chronic pain ranging from migraines to low back and shoulder pain. After trying a number of different ways to relieve his pain, Michael dove into the study of psychology and biomechanics to more deeply understand the mind-body connection.

Now Michael uses a holistic approach to help people improve their mobility, strength, and rid themselves of chronic pain by using the methods he learned in his studies at The Applied Integration Academy, Postural Restoration Institute, and Pinnacle Performance. He believes in enjoying the things you love to do without any pain or physical limitations.

“The first step to healing is awareness.”