Work with Bliss

We are a collective of wellness professionals, organized to meet one objective: to bring the experience of bliss to our members.

We are the hospitality and wellness business model of the future with no overhead expenses, no maintenance costs, and no membership fees. Most importantly and what makes us unique is that we do not profit from our independent contractor’s work. We call them our Wellness Partners and with more partners we expand our network, our member base, and our realities of a blissful life!

As a Wellness Partner, you are hired as an Independent Contractor. You determine your own hourly rate and in some cases a daily flat rate fee may also apply. Wellness Partners can include, but are not limited to:

  • RMT’s
  • Licensed Chiropractors
  • Facialists/med spa/estheticians
  • Yoga/Reiki Teachers
  • Licensed therapists

We are always looking to expand our network of Wellness Partners. If you would like more information about working with Blissed Flow Inc. or would like to apply, please send an email to:



Truly Blissed

"Working with Blissed Flow was exactly that, bliss! From the planning stages to being on-site with the client, Kirsten created and maintained an incredibly professional and comfortable environment. She provided clear instructions and guidelines at all times, while allowing me the freedom and space to create the experience I desired for the client. The food was divine, the activities were magical and Kirsten's desire to empower you as a wellness professional is unmatched! From beginning to end, I felt safe, supported and empowered. I can't wait for the next opportunity to work with Blissed Flow!"

- CM