Charise Mofford
Assistant Studio Manager & Trainer

Charise Mofford is a dynamic and intuitive Fitness & Wellness leader with a breadth of experience in personal training, group fitness, Mat Pilates, yoga, meditation, Reiki healing, and spirituality. Charise is a physical, spiritual, and emotional health enthusiast with a reputation for combining disciplines to bring the mind, body, and Soul into greater harmony. After suffering from burnout and adrenal fatigue which had a negative impact on her mental health, Charise began a 6-year pilgrimage deepening her connection with the healing arts and awakening her passion of helping others find peace in their hearts, calm in their minds, and power in their bodies. With a natural talent for reading clients and understanding their personal triggers/motivators, Charise will help you to drive progress toward your ultimate goals. Book a session with Charise and deepen your mind-body-soul connection through Pilates & yoga, meditation, somatic breathwork, Reiki healing, visualization and talk therapy. Leave every session feeling uplifted, rejuvenated, clear, grounded, at peace & empowered